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Jeremy High

A trusted guide in the world of coastal home construction, committed to turning your vision into reality.

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Jeremy's Story

In the field of luxury home construction, Jeremy High is a dedicated guide, bringing dreams to life with unwavering commitment.  As the founder of HIGHCO Builders, he's not merely a leader but a dedicated guide who places your vision at the forefront.


Two decades ago, Jeremy embarked on his journey. Today, he resides in Pacific Grove with his family, including two young boys, fulfilling his roles as a builder, husband, and father. During his leisure moments, you might spot him on a golf course, watching a baseball game or relishing the thrill of skiing in the Tahoe slopes with his loved ones.


Jeremy began his career with a small team. His unwavering passion and commitment ultimately paved the way for the creation of HIGHCO Builders. Armed with a solid educational background in construction management, architectural design, landscape design, smart home technology and sustainability, Jeremy possesses the essential knowledge to serve as your trusted guide through the complexities of luxury home construction.

But Jeremy's role as a guide extends far beyond bricks and mortar. He is deeply committed to preserving the coastal beauty that envelops his home. This commitment to natural elements and indoor-outdoor living shines through in every cutting-edge project.

Jeremy's legacy isn't merely about construction; it's about curating a lifestyle that harmonizes seamlessly with the coastal living experience. He is more than a builder; he is a dedicated guide to a life lived in perfect balance with the environment, fostering healthy families and elegant lifestyles.

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