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Carmel | Pebble Beach | Monterey

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Discover Coastal Living
Guided by HIGHCO Home Builders



Home Building & Remodeling
on the California Coast

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Are you someone with refined taste and a distinct vision for an elegant home on the coast?


Are you searching for a builder capable of transforming your plans into a reality?


Finding a suitable builder is like navigating a complex maze.


HIGHCO Builders emerges as your reputable guide

and will translate your vision into a masterpiece. 


Envision yourself as the proud owner a meticulously crafted

 home on the Monterey Peninsula. 


Not choosing the right builder may jeopardize your dream home's quality,

lead to construction delays, and result in unexpected cost overruns.

Join forces with HIGHCO Builders because you deserve a team

 that knows how to craft your vision.

Schedule a Consultation Today or simply reach out via email or phone to explore design concepts and receive your preliminary estimate.

Discover Coastal Living

Guided by HIGHCO Builders

Ready to bring your vision to life? Schedule a consultation with HIGHCO Builders today!  Download your free Client Guide PDF, or Learn more About Us at HIGHCO Builders

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Panoramic Ocean Views


HIGHCO Builders

PO Box 51777

Pacific Grove, CA



Mon - Fri: 7am - 6pm​​

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